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Interstellar Pilot 2 is an open-world space simulation with elements of combat, strategy, exploration and role-playing. The player is a space pilot in the 23rd Century, at a time when mankind has been forced to find a new home in hostile space.

The player is given freedom to play the game how they like, choosing from various careers. They can build a space empire from the ground up or go it alone as a freelancer.

Key features

  • Unique and detailed spaceships and environments
  • A large universe to explore with many roaming NPCs
  • A dynamic economy driven by the dynamics of supply and demand
  • Completing space empires controlled by the AI
  • Emergent gameplay and random events

Key facts

Genre / tags: Space-sim, single-player, 3D, open-world
Developer Pixelfactor Ltd.
Release Date October 2022 (Google Play, App Store), Jan 2023 (Steam)
Available platforms IOS (App Store), Android (Google Play), Windows (Steam - Jan 2023).



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