Interstellar Pilot 2 - Feature preview

Updated ship artwork

Updated Shuttle Updated Pioneer Updated Flyer Updated Hornet Updated Ares Updated Creon Updated Magnus Updated Overlord

Note that ships are currently without decals / trim, which will hopefully be added in a future update. There are plans to update other ships and stations.

Procedural sky

Interstellar Pilot procedural sky

The previous 20 static sky backgrounds are replaced with run-time generated ones.. now there are infinite combinations and sectors can stand out more. It's even possible to change the sky while the game is playing (God mode - IAP).

"Intel" - Satellites, sensors and sector maps

Interstellar Pilot Satellite

  • New ability to view the sector map in all sectors, not just where the player is
  • New sensor relay - if an owned ship can see a ship elsewhere in the sector that your own scanner cannot detect, you can also see it
  • New satellite station type - a small unarmed structure that possesses just a scanner (with range equivalent to a ship). The satellite allows the owner to view areas of space where there aren't any ships/stations.
  • Factions now rely on intel, their ships can't intercept things they don't know about

Custom fleet formations

Fleets can now be given a custom formation and bunch up or spread out..

Interstellar Pilot formation settings
Interstellar Pilot fleet formations


Long journey times are now a thing of the past with hypersleep, up to 16x time acceleration

Interstellar Pilot hypersleep

Permadeath / Ironman mode

When starting a new sandbox game, for a more hardcore challenge it is possible to enable Permadeath. This means dead is dead - when the player dies the game is over permanently.

Permadeath games are marked with a skull. There is only ever one save file for a permadeath game.

Interstellar Pilot permadeath

God Mode (IAP)

Do things you wouldn't normally be able to do with God Mode..

  • Spawn ships
  • Spawn stations
  • Spawn cargo
  • Spawn asteroids
  • Spawn bandit fleets
  • Teleport anywhere
  • Upgrade ships
  • Become invulnerable
  • Have infinite credits
  • Force entry into another ship/station
  • Take ownership of another faction
  • Leave a faction and let the AI take over it
  • Make your ship reach crazy speeds

Note: things are being added to god mode in every new update and it will eventually morph into a fuller creative mode.